We're really pleased to announce we're trying something new here at AOCC Ltd! Introducing Storeganizer.

Because of our increasing customer base, we have now teamed up with Dutch-based company Storeganizer, in order to optimise our warehouse space and continue to operate efficiently.


Double D Creative

Storeganizer is a great storage solution design concept, enabling us to create more high-density storage within a small space.

Simply made up of rows of easily-accessed storage pockets, stacked within our existing shelving, the AOCC warehouse team can find and retrieve orders in a concentrated area with far less difficulty than before. With the use of rollers on each of the pockets, all items stored on each row can be reached with no fuss (and considerably less strenuous effort).

This is a welcome addition to the AOCC warehouse – the order pickers no longer have to do so much walking!