Get to know the people behind the scenes at AOCC with our regular 'Meet The Team' question and answer blog post.

Steve HillQ: So, Steve, what’s your official job title at AOCC and what does your day to day job entail?
I'm the company Director and my job is overseeing the daily operations at AOCC.

Q: What’s your favourite part of working at AOCC?
The early mornings, late nights, long days... Not really! I enjoy the friendly atmosphere amongst the great team we have here at AOCC and I enjoy the varied work and specific challenges that we can come up with in this business.

Q: What did you do before you joined AOCC?
I was a depot manager for parcel company and before that a wholesale cut flower salesman at Manchester Wholesale market.

Q: Any hobbies or interests outside of work?
I enjoy watching short oval racing, in particular, Brisca F1 Stockcar racing.

Q: Time to nail your colours to the mast, United, City or Liverpool?
United (correct answer).

Q: Right, off the top of your head list 5 things you love and five things you hate…

❤️ Love👎 Hate
My familyRain
My annual visit to SpainFried Tomatoes
Pies!People who don't say thank you
Sucess in things I doBeing late
My homeQueue jumpers

Q: Finally, who makes the best brew’s at AOCC?
Me of course!