Get to know the people behind the scenes at AOCC with our regular 'Meet The Team' question and answer blog post.

AOCC WinnerQ: So, Steve, what’s your official job title at AOCC and what does your day to day job entail?
Warehouse Manager/Operations... making sure of smooth running of the company.

Q: What’s your favourite part of working at AOCC?
Being busy! Day-to-day work can vary within the warehouse so there is always something going on to keep me busy.

Q: What did you do before you joined AOCC?
I used to drive a 7 and a half tonne truck abroad. Being based in one location is much better now!

Q: Any hobbies or interests outside of work?
It's all about family, football and any sport for me.

Q: Time to nail your colours to the mast, United, City or Liverpool?
The Mighty Liverpool Football Club.

Q: Right, off the top of your head list 5 things you love and five things you hate…

❤ Love👎 Hate
My SonHeadaches
My FamilyCelery
LiverpoolMan Utd
Coming to workPeople who don't say thank you for holding a door open

Q: Finally, who makes the best brew’s at AOCC?
Not me, because I never make them! Steve Hill is the brew king!