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PUDO Service

Our well-located warehouse means we’re able to provide a full-scale, comprehensive PUDO Service (pick up and drop off) to all of our customers, regardless of their size.

Our PUDO service is essentially a local collection and returns service that’s far more convenient. Don’t worry about assigning a crew member to wait around for expected packages. Parcels can be picked up, or dropped off, at our conveniently based facility where a member of our team will receive them.

On receipt, you will be notified and you can then collect them at your own convenience. Alternatively, if it’s a drop off, a courier can be arranged to send your package to its final destination.

Advantages of PUDO

As always, we have the needs of our customers at heart so we try to ensure that everything we do is as convenient as possible for them, and offering a PUDO service is just another way to ensure a five-star service.

There’s no longer any need to take one of your team off the job to ensure the safe delivery, return or collection of a package because we can sort it all for you. Using a PUDO service not only makes the process more convenient. It can also be much quicker too.

Our PUDO location will be open and available to receive and release any pre-arranged packages. If you choose to use us for a drop off service, then our team will await the collection of your package by a designated courier who will then drop it off at a pre-arranged location – this could be a supplier or even your head office.

If you choose to use our drop off service its easy you just drop off your parcel with us and either we will arrange a courier or hand it over to your designated courier on their arrival. This service is ideal for returns to your suppliers or you head offices.

If you’d like some more detailed information on how your business could benefit from the use of our PUDO service, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.